The mission of the journal

Promotion of research and practice, innovation activity in the agro-industrial complex by highlighting and discussing the results of fundamental, applied research and development, as well as the experience of using the results of modern progressive developments and innovation activities for the development of agriculture in Russia. Creation of a widely accessible information field for specialists connected with the agro-industrial complex, expansion of the spheres of professional dialogue between Russian and foreign researchers working in agriculture and related fields of science. Involvement of prospective young specialists in scientific projects in the field of agriculture. Creation of a communication platform for expanding cooperation between Russian and foreign professional communities. Familiarization of readers with the best domestic and international experience in the implementation of scientific developments in practice.

The objectives of the journal:

  • enabling to publish the results of scientific research;
  • achieving the international level of scientific publications;
  • attract attention the most relevant prospective and interesting areas of research on the subject of the journal;
  • involvement in the journal of competent Russian and foreign authors and specialists of the highest level;
  • ensuring the exchange of opinions between researchers from different regions of Russia and countries;
  • expansion of the editorial board and reviewers with the involvement of well-known Russian and foreign experts;
  • providing full-text access to scientific articles, improving the accessibility and openness of the journal in Russia and abroad;
  • inclusion in international databases;
  • improving the impact factor of the journal;
  • promotion of the journal on the international and Russian media market;
  • increasing the accessibility of the journal for foreign readers - publication of abstracts of articles in English and duplication of references in the Latin alphabet (References).

The journal "DonAgrarianScienceBulletin" is focused on the publication of materials in the progressive areas of engineering provision of agriculture, thus contributing to the strengthening of the role of agrarian science in the development of agricultural production through intensification and the introduction of the latest achievements of science and best practices.

The audience of the journal is leading experts, researchers in various fields, famous scientists in the relevant fields of knowledge with international reputation. The journal provides the opportunity of publishing the results of research for graduate students and young scientists. In all cases, articles are published based on the selection criteria and the journal policy. The journal gives authors the opportunity to publish the results of their scientific research, thus contributing to the formation of an environment of new knowledge.

Considering the recommendations of international experts, since 2017 it has been made serious qualitative changes to the journal "Don Agrarian Science Bulletin" and it has being published in an updated form. This affected not only its design, but also the editorial structure and reviewers, editorial policy, topics and principles of selection of published articles. The editorial structure, which includes recognized Russian and foreign scientists actively involved in the formation of the journal, was radically changed. Currently, the journal actively attracts foreign colleagues to collaboration and continues to regularly update the editorial structure.

Strict ethical requirements to manuscripts are used to ensure the quality of published texts in the journal. The requirements meet the standards of respected international associations, and also it is introduced a "double-anonymous" system of peer review (double blind peer review). Accepted articles go through a full cycle of editing and proofreading.

The editorial considerate the articles by both domestic and foreign authors in Russian and English. The editorial is aimed to publish the most pressing issues in the mode of correct and reasoned dialogue, simultaneous representation of different discourses and different approaches of the research. The decision to publish the article is made by the editorial on the basis of the opinions of leading scientists as reviewers on its significance, scientific novelty, originality and relevance.

The chapters of the journal

In the journal it is published scientific manuscripts only in accordance with the profile of the publication in the technical field of sciences and three groups of scientific specialties:

  1. Processes and machines of agroengineering systems;
  2. Energy industry;
  3. Safety of human activity.

On the basis of the conclusion of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, "Don Agrarian Scirence Bulletin" is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, which should publish the main scientific results of dissertations for the doctoral and candidate degree , in the Ulrich's Periodicals Directory of American publisher Bowker, included in The Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), scientific electronic open space library CyberLeninka, the electronic library system of the "Lan" publishing house, and also in the Global F5 project - the online store of electronic books.

Periodicity of the journal (since 2008) - 4 issues per year.

ISSN 2075-6704

Registration: Certificate of registration of mass media PI № 77-47152 on 03.11.2001.G. (Roskomnadzor).

Format: 60X84 1/8

Volume: 100 pages

Circulation: 1000 copies

Languages: Russian, English

Distribution: Russia

Subscription index in the United catalog "Press of Russia": 43784

The English name of the journal: Don agrarian science bulletin